Ceolin – Uniqlo

Timelapse video

About this project

Client: Ceolin
Project: Staircase construction
Location: UNIQLO, Milano Cordusio

UNIQLO arrives in Milan with a store that develops over 1500 square meters on three floors. Connecting the levels from the basement to the top level is a rounded staircase made by Italian blacksmith “Gino Ceolin”.
The project has been developed in house by Ceolin, who has granted the designers engineering, quality, and timing. The video shows how the stairs are made: first in Ceolin’s workshop, where every piece is crafted and tested, and then you will see how the stairway takes place in its new and final destination.

This is a three month timelapse that showcases the creation of the main staircase at the new Uniqlo store in Milan. The process was captured primarily at two locations: the blacksmith workshop and the client’s construction site. In order to provide comprehensive coverage, we established two fixed points of view for each location. Additionally, we enlisted the help of our skilled operator to capture daily timelapse and live action footage of the construction process.