West Edges

A documentary film by Luca Di Meo

  • The research of the farthest limit of reality; Iceland, a land far from our realities. A journey through folk and supernatural tales, the culture of people taken to its extreme. Discovering surreal scenarios where elves and ghosts are part of the daily chronicle, you find the edge between myth and reality. Being at the ends of the earth, where nature reigns unopposed, everything takes a reverential look; personal limits of thought, and those to whom we are driven by circumstances, find new ways of proliferation, new standards. What doesn’t seem normal and ordinary, is shared and told.
  • “The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” Hunter S. Thompson

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  • Reykjavik Short&docs
  • “It is our hope that this festival will be a springboard for Icelandic filmmaking. At this festival and its associated events, filmmakers can receive inspiration and encouragement and the general public will experience the opportunity of witnessing a range of exceptional documentaries and short films.” Hjalmtýr Heiðdal, Festival Founder
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  • Collecchio Film Festival
  • Il Collecchio Video Film Festival, festival nazionale del documentario e del cortometraggio, è dedicato alla promozione e al sostegno della produzione cinematografica indipendente. Al centro del Festival il documentario antropologico e sociale, il festival dal 2004, si svolge ogni anno l’ultimo weekend di agosto nel “Parco Nevicati” di Collecchio, gioiello naturalistico nel cuore della provincia di Parma.
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  • Athens Ethnofest 3
  • The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival continues the exploration of the anthropological world through the image and is looking for films made by anthropologists (or related background), including students’ works, either as dissertations or as assignments
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  • Šoblės kino festivalis 2013
  • The International Student Short Film Festival is back! After culturing the muscles , the festival this year face a pleasure not only Lithuanian Academy of Music and Baltic student works, but the works of many of European cinema schools and teachers in the first steps of the LAMT cinema. Džiuginsim film screenings , meetings with their authors, playwrights and actors’ performances, discussions of films and dūzgėmis after the festival.